The Michael Kay Combo

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The Micheal Kay Combo (3 piece version)

The Michael Kay Combo at The Minnesota Bank & Trust Holiday Party

The volume is low and the spirits are high!

The Michael Kay Combo in a mellow mood.....

The magic of live music enhances the event!

The Wind Synthesizer's many voices lend authenticity to many genres of music

..... no one will ever take the place of our pianist!

Schmoozing while the combo is groovin' ...

The Michael Kay Combo

The Michael Kay Combo features from 2-5 gifted musicians that play background music ranging from jazz to pop and International music to add elegance and energy to your event. The group can provide DJ services if you would like to have the option of danceing.  They are the perfect enhancement to any corporate event, private party, convention, or fund raisier.  The smallest available combo is a duo of a sax player who doubles on wind synthesizer and a keyboardist.   The third piece is usually a  bass player.  Other instruments  options including percussion and guitar and a second wind synthesizer.   The wind synthesizer can sound like a variety of other horns, strings and even percussion, giving incredible versatility in sound and styles, which also translates to a better bang for your buck!   Note: you can also create a highbred group that plays both background music and dance music by upgrading to The Sevilles or PopLuxe bands. The Michael Kay Combo carries their own p.a. system and can play right next to your guest's tables without drowning out conversation.  Choose from a  sumptuous musical menu to suit your event!