The Magpies

Band Tabs

Jim & Jeff as a duo
The Magpies Duo
The  Magpies; One Possible Trio Configuration
The Magpies; One possible Trio Configuration
The Magpies; One possible 5 pc. configuration
The Magpies; One possible 5 pc. Configuration
Taken after Magpies Mall of America performance
The Magpies with former Beatle Pete Best (their drummer before Ringo) after our Mall Of America performance

The Magpies

The Magpies are an expandable ensemble from 2 to 5 pieces making the perfect “arty” enhancement to your corporate event, country club, fundraiser or private party.  The only rule is it’s got to be good music;  A typical evening’s musical flight could cover the musical landscapes of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones,  Elvis, Hank Williams to Bob Dylan. Instrumental background music via classical guitar is one of our offerings: renditions spanning from the High Renaissance, the Romantic “golden era” of Spanish guitar through Bossa Nova will enhance the ambiance during your dinner and cocktail hours! Our goal to make your special event shine with the best in music bordered by our trademark camaraderie and good humor!   All group members are vocalists. Here’s the instrumental breakdown:

* 2 pieces: guitar and Bass/guitar ; Both sing

* 3 pieces;  Usually add another guitarist of percussion; All sing

* 4 pieces; Add percussion or guitarist; All sing

* 5 pc.; add a female vocalist or percussion: All sing

Also ask about our The Magpies Beatle Tribute available in various sizes